Story Behind Marc Hall aka Marc Watercus: Stop-Loss.

If you were in the US military serving in Iraq and Afghanistan and were affected by the Department of Defense practice of stop-loss, you might have learned about the brouhaha that surrounded Marc Hall and his arrest. If you don't recognize the name, it's most likely you also don't know about or aren't affected by the US army's unpopular policy of involuntarily extending soldiers' service and forcing them to return to Iraq or Afghanistan after they had finished their tour of duty. The stop-loss policy had forced 185,000 service personnel to stay in the military beyond their contracts to meet the demand for military personnel that was necessary to sustain two on going wars. Stop-loss was created by the United States Congress after the Vietnam War. The controversy regarding stop-loss focused mainly on the aspect involving "involuntary extension" of a service after the member's initial active duty service obligation. For military service members who were opposed to the involuntary extension, it represented implementation of a desultory clause in their contract which altered their expectation of an end of term of service date, while exposing them to the risk of an additional or prolonged combat deployment.

John Kerry called it a "back door draft" in a 2004 speech. By August 2007, Iraq Veterans Against the War an activist organization of former and current service members, announced a national "Stop the Stop-Loss" campaign at one of their press conferences. Although Secretary of Defense Robert Gates in 2006 penned a memo compelling commanders to "minimize" the stop-lossing of soldiers, by April 2008 use of stop-loss had increased by 43%. In 2011 "There are no Army soldiers stop-lossed," Gates announced at a Senate hearing. And then in 2014, the president signed an executive order authorizing the secretaries of defense and homeland security to recall Reserve and Individual Ready Reserve members to active duty in support of Operation United Assistance, a new mission to assist in containing Ebola in West Africa. The US military quietly entered a new “Stop Loss” era. 

I followed the news stories from 2009-2011 surrounding Marc Hall and the Army's determination initially to court martial him and then later, their decision to drop the case. I first learned of Marc Hall from a cousin who was serving in the Army. He was leaving for an extended tour of duty in Afghanistan. I was in town as part of a team that was doing some custom software development for a company in finance with higher-than-usual security and privacy concerns. The progressive software company I'm an employee for supports every aspect of the software and product development life cycle, starting from feasibility analysis, user experience design, and prototyping, to development of scalable solutions. Our data team goes beyond everyday reporting. We discover, segment, and deliver potentially game-changing insights for our clients. It's challenging work that is particularly rewarding. So there I was sitting at a bar and my cousin starts to unload all his frustration regarding the military's stop-loss policy. I looked up Marc Hall later that evening and found this site. Fast forward several years and I hen I tried to go back to the site it no longer existed. It's domain had expired. Imagine my surprise when I discovered it was available. I decided to buy it and recreate as much content from its archived pages and other outside sources. Marc Hall's story should not be forgotten. For a man who fought for his country, our country, what happened to him was despicable.


Marc Hall 

In the beginning there was a good Soldier; but like a lot of good Soldiers and good men events can change a person's perception about truth. And the truth is that evil lurks within all denominational organizations. Sometimes the good pay a heavy price.  Some of the highest Perceptions of reality is so heavily embedded within soldiers whom have been deployed to combat areas. A humble mind, body and spirit is knowing deep within your heart that you believe in the Lord. 

Thank You for your time.


Marc Hall is just one of thousands of US soldiers dealing with the anger and frustration of the military’s use of stop-loss. Often referred to as “the back-door draft” by those opposed to it or who have suffered because of it, stop-loss is the involuntary extension of military contracts that forces soldiers to complete additional tours of duty even if their present tour of duty is over. The Department of Defense uses the practice of stop-loss as a means to cover troop commitments during these times of no draft.  At the time of his arrest in 2010, there were more than 13,000 troops serving in Iraq and Afghanistan under stop-loss. It should be noted that the Army is the only service that is using the stop-loss program while they are engaged in Iraq and Afghanistan. ;President Barack Obama has now publically promised to phase out the stop-loss program by 2011, but that isn’t helping Marc Hall.

Marc Hall now faces trial in a military prison in Georgia for expressing via hip hop lyrics the opinion he feels is widely held among soldiers who have had to return to duty due to stop-loss. The song culminates in a verse saying, “Still against the war/I grab my M4/Spray and watch all the bodies hit the floor/I bet you’ll never stop-loss nobody no more.” Hall calls those words “a free expression of how people feel about the Army and its stop-loss policy and not a call to actual violence.

In a statement released by IVAW, Hall recalls that he openly talked about the song with his superior explaining that the song was neither a physical threat nor any threat whatsoever to anyone. He says. “I told him it was just hip-hop."


Here's how I will serve you- the people- my Audience- my people's in need of a voice. It's time for some Action. Real Action. Click here to make a complaint about an injustice that you are experiencing and I will rap about it. That's right I will make song about your Protest/Complaint and promote it to the appropriate channel. Your views will get heard and I will push for some action through congress or local oppositions towards your cause.


Is Marc Hall aka  Marc Watercus A Shining New Political Artist?

Where common sense is not so common and where being sensible needs to be acted upon; Marc Watercus shines light on the subject. With his smooth water like lyrics and liquid musicals Marc Watercus is by far the man to go to for help. If you feel a sense of injustice or need to get a few things of your mind then come rap with Marc Watercus. He will take you there. Be heard. Be strong. Fight for what you believe in. Don't settle for less then who you are. Be yourself and learn how to respect others, as they are themselves.


He who dwells in the secret place of the most high shell abide under the shadow of the almighty.

I will say of the Lord he is my refuge and my fortress; in him will I trust.

He shall deliver from the snare of the fowler and from the noisome pestilence.

He shall cover me with his feathers, under His wings shell I trust. His truth shall be my shield and buckler.

I shall not be afraid for the terror by night nor for the arrows that fly by day.

Nor for the pestilence that walk by night nor for the destruction that waste at noon day.



Army Specialist Marc Hall did not undergo a court martial trial once the Army decided ultimately to drop the case. Although Marc avoided criminal charges, he lost all military benefits as a veteran because of his misconduct discharge.


Hear Hall Song: "Stop Loss"